DAY – 1 | 05th MARCH 2020

Venue: KSOM Auditorium

9.00 am-10.00 am Registration
10.00 am- 10.05 am Inaugural Session – Lighting of the Lamp
10.05 am- 10.10 am Welcome Address

Prof. SK Mahapatra

Director, KIIT School of Management (KSOM)

10.10 am-10.15 am Context Setting

Prof. SN Misra

Dean, KIIT School of Management (KSOM)

10.15am-10.20 am Inaugural Address

Prof. Hrushikesha Mohanty

Vice Chancellor, KIITDU

10.20 am – 10.30 am Guest of Honour

Mrs. Shallu Jindal

Chairperson of JSPL Foundation

10.30 am – 10.35 am Release of Souvenir
10.35 am – 11.00 am Key Note Address

Dr. Sruti Mohapatra

Founder, Swabhiman

11.00 am – 11.05 am Vote of Thanks

Prof. Barsha Mohanty

11.05 am – 11.30 am Tea Break

Law, Disability and the Challenges of Equality

Venue: Kalam Hall, School of Management

Time: (11.30 am to 1.30 pm)

11.30- 11.45am The Challenge of Disability Rights to  Equality Jurisprudence : Dr. Amita Dhanda (Chairperson), Professor of Law, Nalsar Law University, Hyderabad
11.45-12.00pm Speech of the Lay should be the Language of Law : Ms. Mrinalini Padhi (Moderator), Senior Lawyer and Head, SAHAYAK, Foundation, Cuttack
Paper Presentations
12.00-12.15 pm Right to Accessibility and Movement of Disabled Persons in Public Places Dignifiedly: An Analysis on Legal Framework with Special References to Right of Persons with Disability Act 2016 : Prof. Yogesh Mishra, Assistant Professor in Law, KIITDU &

Mr. Nilanjan Chakraborty, Research Scholar, School of Law, KIITDU

12.15-12.30pm Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in India: Gauging the Socio-Legal   Configuration : Ms. Sandeep Kaur, Research Scholar, Department of Sociology, Punjab University
12.30-12.45 pm Replace DIS and Make it ABILITY : Prof. Bharat Singh, Asst. Professor, NIFT, UP             

Prof. Sushma Mann, Asst. Prof. Commerce and Mgt., Maharishi Arvind University, Jaipur

12.45-1.00pm Fostering Inclusive Governance For Physical Disability In Odisha: An Exploratory Study :  Mr. Samir Prasad Padhy, Ph.D. Scholar, Berhampur University &

Prof. Bhagabata Patro, Retd. Professor, Dept. of Economics, Berhampur University &

Dr. Satya Narayan Pathi, Dept. of Business Administration, Berhampur University

1.00-1.15 pm Inclusive India: Challenges & Opportunities For Differently Abled Persons :  Dr. Debajani Palai,  Faculty, IMIT, Cuttack
1.15-1.30pm Questions from the Audience and Discussion
1.30- 2.30pm LUNCH BREAK

Sustainable Development Goals and Challenges for Accessibility and Inclusion

Venue: Kalam Hall, School of Management

Time: (02.30 pm to 4.45 pm)

02.30- 02.45pm Sustainable Development Goals  and Inclusive Development : Dr. Sruti Mohapatra (Chairperson and Moderator), Founder, Swabhimam
02.45-03.00pm Social Inclusion of People with Disability: A Study of Spinal Cord Injured in Odisha, India : Dr. Ashok Kuar Sar (Co-Chairperson)

Professor, KSOM, KIITDU

03.00-03.15pm Accessible Public Spaces: An Unexplored Agenda for Public Spaces : Dr. Ipsita Sapra (Speaker), Associate Professor, School of Public Policy and Governance, TISS, Hyderabad
03.15-3.30pm Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Electoral Processes : Mr. Sannyashai Behera (Speaker), DSSO Headquarters, SSEPD, Govt. of Odisha
Paper Presentations
03.30-03.40pm Women with Disabilities: Issues of Accessibility in Employment : Ms. Aditi Panda, Research Scholar, School of Women Studies, Utkal University
03.40- 03.50pm Redesigning Walker for Adults :  Dr. Nilanjana Bairagi, NIFT, Bangalore and

 Mr. Prathmesh Mahajani, NIFT, Bangalore

03.50-4.00pm Life Experiences of A Person Affected By Essential Tremors in Both Hands :  Dr. Barani Daran S., Disability Activist and Motivation Speaker
04.00- 4.10pm Additional Infrastructure using accessibility analysis for Inclusion of the differently abled pilgrims – A case of the temple city of Bhubaneswar : Prof. Sukanya Dasgupta, Asst. Professor, School of Architecture & Planning, KIITDU
04.10- 4.20pm Challenges Faced by Disabled People at Workplace: A Case Study In India :  Dr. Amit Kumar Mohanty, Professor, FM College, Balasore
04.20-04.30pm Overcoming Inclusion Barriers through Localizing the Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Two Tribal Districts of Odisha :  Prof. Barsha Mohanty, Visiting Faculty, Economics &

Mr. Sanjaya Ku. Ghadai, Research Scholar

School of Management, KIITDU

04.30- 04.45pm Questions from the Audience and Discussion
04.45-5.30pm Visit to KIIT & KISS

DAY – 2 | (06th MARCH 2020)


Gender, Youth, Children and Elderly with Disabilities

Venue: Kalam Hall, School of Management

Time: (9.00 am to 11.00 am)



Work and Employment: Leading Fulfilling Adult Lives, the Autism Experience : Ms. Merry Barua (Chairperson)

Director, Action for Autism, New Delhi

09.15-09.30am Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities in India   Dr. Narayan Chandra Pati (Co-Chairperson),

Retd. Professor in Psychology,Utkal University

09.30-09.45am Challenges of Youth With Disabilities in Indian Context : Dr. Biswa Mohan Jena (Speaker and Moderator), HOD, Commerce Dept., Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Govt. College, Sambalpur
09.45-10.00am Issues Faced by Aging with Disability : Dr. Madhura Nagchoudhuri (Speaker)  &

Dr. Sandhya Limaye, Centre for Disability Studies and Action, School of Social Work, TISS Mumbai

Paper Presentations
10.00-10.15 am Employment of Youth with Disabilities Issues and Opportunities : Dr. Manjulata Panda, Sambalpur University
10.15-10.30 am Recognising Mental Health as a Disability : Ms. Anuradha Mahapatra, Managing Trustee,

Manam Foundation, Bhubaneswar

10.30-10.45am An Epidemiological Study of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Incidence and Implications : Dr. Susrut Das, MBBS, DNB (Pediatrics), APGPN (Boston)
10.45-11.00am Questions from the Audience and Discussion
11.00-11.30am TEA BREAK

Challenges and Opportunities for Socio-Cultural Inclusion in India

Venue: Kalam Hall, School of Management

Time: (11.30 am to 1.30 pm)



A Father’s Wish for his Child Living with Down Syndrome : Mr. Aditya Tiwari, Motivational Speaker and Social Activist
11.45-12.00pm Social and Culture and Inclusion: Challenges and Opportunities : Mr. Pradeep Raj (Chairperson), Founder and General Secretary Para Sports Foundation
12.00-12.20 pm Technology as an Enabler of Independence and Inclusion of the Differently-abled : Dr. Praveen Kumar Mohanty (Moderator), Professor, KSOM, KIITDU
Paper Presentations
12.20-12.30pm Socio-Psychological Aspects of Autism : Dr. Sasmita Mishra, Associate Professor, KSOM, KIITDU
12.30-12.40pm Awareness on Differently Abled Persons among People in India : Critical Analysis of Literature : Dr. Barani Daran S., Disability Activist and Motivation Speaker
12.40-12.50pm Representation of the Differently-Abled in the Big Screen : Prof. Lipsa Dash, Faculty Associate, KIIT School of Law, KIITDU
12.50-01.00pm Role of Media in the Protection and Promotion of Rights of Disabled : Mr. Sitakanta Tripathy, Research Scholar, Berhampur University, Ganjam, Odisha
01.00-01.10pm Barriers To Meaningful Social Inclusion Among Persons With Intellectual Disability: A Critical Overview    Ms. Srijeeta Pal, Project Coordinator of Manav Vikas &

Mr. Anupam Debnath, Ph.D. Research Scholar, Department of Social Work, Visva-Bharati University

1.10-1.30pm Questions from the Audience and Discussion
01.30-2.15pm LUNCH BREAK

Challenges and Opportunities of Inclusive Education in India

Venue: Kalam Hall, School of Management

Time: (2.15 pm to 4.00 pm)



Inclusive Education: Issues and Concerns : Ms. Kasturi Mohapatra (Chairperson)

Ex-Chairperson, State Disability Commission and Chairperson, OSCPCR

02.30-02.45pm An Overview on the Challenges and Opportunities for Inclusive Education in India: With Emphasis on the Students with Invisible Disabilities : Ms. Indrani Basu (Co-Chairperson),

Director, Autism Society West Bengal


Moderator: Prof. Monalisa Bal, Chairperson, KIIT International School
Paper Presentations
02.45-02.55pm Educational Support System to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Odisha: Challenges and Redress : Dr. Bibhabari Bal, HOD, Department of Sociology, B.J.B. (Auto.) College, BBSR
02.55-03.05 pm The Constructive Role of Teachers and Teaching Aids: Improving Academic and Social Success of Learners with Disabilities : Ms. Ramya Devi Bommanaboina, Research Scholar &

Dr. Rajakumar Guduru, Assistant Professor, School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Management, IIT, Bhubaneswar

03.05-03.15pm A Barrier Free Society for Inclusive Education System : Mr. Kamakhi Prasad Das, (OES-1), Asst.  Prof. cum HoD in History, Govt. College, Koraput.
03.15-03.25pm In-Service Teachers and Inclusive Education at the High School Level : Ms. Nirmala Yemmela, IIT, Bubaneshwar
03.25-03.35 pm Innovative Education in Transforming the Destiny of Urban Deprived Children, a Study in Selected Districts of Odisha   Ms.  Manswini Pradhan, Research Scholar &

Dr. Pratima Sarangi, Faculty, Sri Sri University

03.35- 4.00pm Questions from the Audience and Discussion
04.00-04.30pm TEA BREAK


Government, CSR, Voluntary Organization and Corporates:

Role in Achieving Disability Equality

Venue: Kalam Hall, School of Management

Time: (4.30 pm to 5.30 pm)

04.30- 04.45pm Chairperson & Moderator

Dr. Nilika Mehrotra, Professor, JNU

: Disability Rights and Higher Education in India : Some Observations
4.45- 5.25pm Panelists:

1.   Smt. Sulochana Das, State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Odisha

2.   Dr. Pravas Mishra, Programme Officer, OXFAM India

3.   Ms. Gargi Bhattacharya, Founder, Zain Foundation

05.25- 5.30pm Wrapping Up : Prof. S.N. Misra, Dean, School of Management, KIITDU